'EPO Putty USA' is the Retail & Wholesale portal for the North

American distribution of EPO A+B Putty, and other fine Products manufactured from Alteco Chemical PTE LTD. As our network grows,

here you will find information on our Authorized retail outlets, and

online stores in which you can purchase these fine products.


Whether your a customer looking to find EPO Putty in the

United States, or are a retailer wanting to sell EPO Putty in your store,

all the information you need will be compiled on this website. We will

Include product reviews, Tips for working with the Putty, special

Projects that include the use of the Putty, and other News that you

will find valuable for the industry.


We are working hard to make sure that we serve our customers

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Putty, or other Alteco Products, please feel free to Email Us!